Changes to S.C.J FAQ: January 2007

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In the past, I haven’t posted a change log for the S.C.J. FAQ. It worked well posting it the last time (October 2006), so I’m going to try it again. Please, if you have corrections to these items, please let me know. In general, these changes arise either from comments mailed to me, or questions I get asked (and thus have to answer). Note also that if you are reading this FAQ from, or any of the other sites that grab it from the newsgroup, you’re reading an out of date version. I’ve stopped posting the newsgroup version because of some generation problems I haven’t tracked down. Note: Many of the new answers are derived from answers given by Rabbi Micha Berger, who helps me with the FAQ. Micha has a blog that is syndicated on LiveJournal as aspaqlaria.

In any case, here is the current round of changes:

FAQ Updates:

Reading List Updates: