Saga of Wireless Access

Update on what I wrote last night about wireless access. As I noted before, this hotel (Hilton El Conquistador, Tucson, AZ) has only wireless access in hotel rooms. Well, my laptop doesn’t have a wireless card. However, they do have a wireless kit, which consists of a bridge device (in comes the wireless, out goes the RJ45). So, I get the kit. The bridge has three lights: Power, ACT, and LINK.

Here’s the problem. When the computer starts booting, all three lights are on (yes, it is plugging into the laptops RJ45). Through the “Starting Windows”, all three stay one. Half-way through booting Windows 2000, the LINK light goes out, and the computer can’t see the network.

Does anyone have some ideas, so I don’t have to spend my evenings in the business center?