Tutorial Monday

So far, the conference is going well. We’re halfway through the first day of tutorials. Attendance is down from last year, but talking to our registration person, this seems to be a common trend among conferences. No major snafus yet (such as two years ago where I was deathly sick the first two days), and S&F has really grown up and is doing a reasonably good job helping at registration. She’s now with mom, and they are going to go off to a museum. Later in the week, it is Kitt Peak Observatory for them.

Me, I’m just making sure things are running smoothly, and solving the life and death issues of whether someone gets something when they didn’t pay for it, or that the hotel doesn’t charge too much (and they do try). Content is going well.

I’ll play some with the wireless setup this evening. The hotel saved themselves the trouble of hardwiring  by putting wireless transcievers on the roofs of the rooms. Thus, I need a bridge that converts wireless to wired, as I don’t have a wireless card. They also appear to have two LANs, one for the guest rooms, and one for the meeting rooms. Naturally, there are distinct charges for each. The fancier the hotel, the more the number of distinct charges!

Other than that, not much is happening. The drive out was interesting; it is always neat so see the older highway that has been bypassed. In this case, it was the bypass of US 80 by I-8. We may return a day sooner, so that we can overnight in Blythe.