A Toast To Food Truck and New Friends

Today we went to the Granada Hills Food Truck Festival… and made a new friend.

OK, OK, I know you want details.

For a long time, I knew that trinker lived near us, but we had never had the chance to meet. So, taking the opportunity of the Food Truck Fest, we got together. We tried food from three different trucks (we were limited being gluten free). From the No Tomatoes Truck, Karen had some Indian fare—specifically, a Chapli Burger with no bun. I tasted it, but found it a little too spicy. The Mango Lassi helped cool it down. From the TastyMeat truck, I had a Bamwich, which was wonderful. We got an Iron Box for Erin: this was french fries covered with red feta spread and tzatziki, with a mix of beef, lamb, and chicken. She didn’t like the meat, but we did. From the Ta Bom Brazilian truck we tried a brigadario—it was good, but I prefer Erin’s fudge. Lastly, we tried some red beans and rice from Slap Yo Mama Soul food truck, but it was a bit too smokey and too spicy.

The better part of the day was meeting trinker. She’s a real neat person, and we just had a delightful afternoon visiting and talking. I thank her for making the time, and we look forward to seeing her again.


Visitors from Sedona

Today has been a much better day. Although a little cough remains, the cold is generally gone (yay!).

Additionally, we had some surprise visitors this evening: Some friends of ours who live in Sedona AZ were in town for a visit. We normally only get to see them when they are out here (we don’t get much of a chance to get out to Sedona, pretty as it is), and we had a delightful dinner with them (and gf_guruilla and Small&Feisty had a lovely afternoon with them).