Friday News Chum Stew… on Thursday

I’m taking tomorrow off/working from home for my birthday, so you get Friday’s lunchtime news chum stew today. Hopefully, it is just as tasty. This is a collection of news items where I couldn’t quite build up a good-enough linking theme that covered a significant subset for a post…


Your Room May Be Bugged

If one was to read the New York Times today, one would think there was an epidemic pest-ering the people of New York City. In fact, you might thinkg it was bug-ging them more than the issue of cross-posting comments is bugging people on LJ. The problem: bedbugs. They are even attacking pop stars in luxury hotels!

If you read the NY Times today, you’ll find three articles on the subject. The first has to do with students in Boston, who are being encouraged not to scavenge furniture from the streets because…you guessed it… it might be infected with bedbugs. The second article discusses how bedbugs have gotten into the psyche of the NY thrift store shopper, who is worried about bedbugs in that used clothing or used sofa. The last, perhaps, is the most interesting: it looks into the science of bedbugs. Specifically, for all the biting and infesting they do, bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases. They don’t transmit AIDS, they don’t transmit maleria, they don’t transmit hepititis. There’s also no easy way to kill them.

One big question is why bedbugs have surged back in recent years. Alas, for that, there’s no good answer.


Bugs in the System

A few articles related to bugs in the system, either literal or figurative ones…


Gee, and I Always Thought They Were Mosquitos

Apparently, the valley is having an infestation of crane flies, which many people think are giant mosquitos. The moderately wet winter combined with the warm spring has made perfect conditions for the bugs to come out in larger numbers than an average year. The bugs, which are about as big as a half dollar, don’t have the ability to bite and mainly serve as food for other insects.


Found The Buggies…

Yeah. I think I found the major stash of the meal moths. It was in a 10 lb bag of white rice. Opened it up to cook it for dinner, and found loads of them. It’s now in the trash.

Back to cooking dinner for the wife and S&F when they get home from religious school. Punjab spinach chicken, brown basmati rice, and lightly curried spinach. Yum!


Morning Edition

I love weekend mornings, because I get a few hours between when I get up and the rest of the family gets up to work at my desk, doing various and sundry. So, I though I would bring those that read this up to date. [Update: S&F just got up.]

  • The spa Question: The answer seems to be converging on Burke Williams Spa: I’ve now had 3 personal recommendations. They appear to have an interesting promotional package that we might use. If you have any additional inputs, please add them to this LJ discussion chain. Our anniversary is Tuesday.
  • Hairspray. Today, we’re going to the matinee of Hairspray at the Pantages theatre. This is the end of the show blast, which started with 110 In The Shade at the Pasadena Playhouse in July; followed by West Side Story (Cabrillo Music Theatre), Guys and Dolls (Muny Opera), and Tour of Champions (DCI). We’re all looking forward to this, as we love the music from Hairspray (and we’re lucky enough to have Marissa Janet Winokur in the lead role).
  • Work. As I’ve learned is the norm at work, its either ebb or flow. Looks like it is moving back into the flow column, which is just fine with me. Now I just have to catch up on sleep from this last week (which is hard for me, as my body wakes up on its own at a consistent time).
  • Gaming. Today is Games Gather 5 in La Canada. With our theatre tickets, I’m not sure I’ll make it, but we might go by for a bit after the show.
  • Visit Your Parents. Or as they say in 70 Girls 70, go visit your grandmother! Tomorrow, we’re driving down to Orange County. I’m going to spend the day with my dad, while gf_guruilla and S&F visit GF’s sister and their kids. Should be a fun day.
  • The Shower Door. Just before we left on vacation, I posted an LJ Entry about our shower door shattering. Turns out it is going to be a lot less expensive to fix than I thought. It is just under $170 to fix it, and they are doing it in the house. The glass has been ordered; it should be fixed Monday.
  • Preserving History. As folks know, I transferred the webmaven responsibilities for our former temple to a new person. Out of curiousity, I took a look at the pages yesterday, which are still about 80% my design. To my sorrow, they have drastically cut back the history section, where I had biographies of all our former rabbis, a list of who was rabbi when, and a large attempt at analysis. This makes me sad: congregations so rarely post their history online, and the learning the Jewish history of an area is difficult. Perhaps I should write that book on the history of the Jewish community in the San Fernando Valley. (mumbles something about copious spare time and lack of market to make it worth the time).
  • California Performance Review. As my site was quoted in the California Performance Review, I skimmed the report. Quite interesting. Although I don’t agree with all the recommendations, the state could really improve if a lot of the ideas were implemented.
  • Youth on LJ. One of the communities I belong to is , which is for folks that went to the Jewish summer camp I went to. I periodically read the members list there. Lots of 12-15 year olds posting. I’ve already had to post a reminder in the community to indicate to them that they shouldn’t be posting their phone numbers or addresses. I hope they listen; they should have learned this stuff from their computer rules at their schools. I did have some success however: one fellow (who may be reading this) was mature enough to realize that he should blur his D/L# and address when posting that he got his learner’s permit, based on a comment of mine. We need to make sure our kids are educated on proper net procedures. [As a PS to this: I find one must restrain oneself on making comments on posting in groups such as this, in order to not give wrong impressions. Society today, and all that blather.] A lot of us forget the age difference that exists here on LJ; I know I’m personally in three groups here of distinctly different ages.

Well, I think that’s enough musing for now. We’ve got a meal moth infestation somewhere (I hate those), and I have to go try to root it out.