Your Room May Be Bugged

If one was to read the New York Times today, one would think there was an epidemic pest-ering the people of New York City. In fact, you might thinkg it was bug-ging them more than the issue of cross-posting comments is bugging people on LJ. The problem: bedbugs. They are even attacking pop stars in luxury hotels!

If you read the NY Times today, you’ll find three articles on the subject. The first has to do with students in Boston, who are being encouraged not to scavenge furniture from the streets because…you guessed it… it might be infected with bedbugs. The second article discusses how bedbugs have gotten into the psyche of the NY thrift store shopper, who is worried about bedbugs in that used clothing or used sofa. The last, perhaps, is the most interesting: it looks into the science of bedbugs. Specifically, for all the biting and infesting they do, bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases. They don’t transmit AIDS, they don’t transmit maleria, they don’t transmit hepititis. There’s also no easy way to kill them.

One big question is why bedbugs have surged back in recent years. Alas, for that, there’s no good answer.