Labor Day Report

I would have posted this yesterday, but Earthlink saw fit to drop the DSL since around 11a yesterday.

Yesterday was a garage organizing day. Pull everything out of the garage. Trash some small percentage. Clearly divide what was left into keep, donate, Craigslist/Ebay, and Etsy. Sweep garage and load it back in. Lots of work, but the garage looks much better. It was also schvitz city — I don’t know why, but the last few days I’ve just been dripping (yes, I’m drinking lots to replace it). Annoying as hell, but boy did it make that dip in the pool in the afternoon feel good.

Last night, as the nets were down, we introduced our daughter to the movie “Stand and Deliver”. We had caught “Freedom Writers” on Sho recently, and she enjoyed that.

Today is a work at home day. I have a Drs. visit in the morning, and it doesn’t make sense to trudge to El Segundo and back afterwards.


Look In The Closet. Junk. Junk. Junk.

Last night and today, it’s been a cleanup day in the cahwyguy household:

  • nsshere has completed cleaning and reorganized her closet, all on her own (!), throwing lots of stuff away, donating other stuff, and setting aside some toys for when her younger cousins come to visit. We got some additional shelving for her, and she even helped assemble it. She has done a beautiful job in there, and I really believe her deciding to do this on her own, with such focus and drive, is yet another sign that she is maturing into a remarkable young woman. I’ll note this is on top of her cleaning her computer desk and her bathroom, again all on her own.
  • gf_guruilla has tackled her desk (and those who have seen it know what a job that is). In one evening (because she was out today), she made a significant dent. We can now even see the top of the desk in places. I’m sure she’ll make even more headway tomorrow.
  • As for me, my job today was to organize the pictures for the photographer to build a photo montage. This involved my going through all 130-or-so of my dad’s photo albums, and sorting them into numerical order, in order to find what we needed. That involved reorganizing the guest bedroom, where they were stored in boxes. I also rearranged the toys nsshere was saving for her cousins in the closet, for when they visit. We also went through all of our photos, and now have a large number of photos to present as a first pass for the photographer. It has been a full day job, filled with lots of memories, discoveries, and re-discoveries.

I hope this trend continues. It’s been quite remarkable. Tomorrow is doing the normal house cleaning.


Construction is Done

Well, construction is done. We used Configurations by Rubbermaid, and they actually went up quite easily. Now it is time for reloading. So far, we just have ixixlix to encourage gf_guruilla along, and larymotrmn to help with the heavier stuff…

ETA: Of course, in the background we have an upset nsshere because the last weekend of her summer wasn’t “fun” for her. Sigh. Parenting isn’t easy, but sometimes you do stuff when you have the time to do it.

ETAA: She calmed down later, after playing with the Karate Kid. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon we’ll go see a movie. P.S.: Like the new userpic?


The ‘Ol Out and In

Well, the first half of the sewing room mayhem is done. We have everything out of the closet (we didn’t empty the entire room). Some stuff went home with ellipticcurve, some will go on Craigslist, and some will be donated. Most (I’d guess about 80%) appears to need to go back. We’ve also demolished the closet, spackled, sanded, and will soon paint. This morning our neighbor David, larymotrmn, and I will install the new closet fixtures.

Then comes the fun part, reloading. Alas, kyburg (who was going to help) has been trapped by her own clutter, so we can still use some reloading help. The offer still stands: swimming, munchies, and board gaming when we’re done, and first chance at any crafting/sewing goodies you can convince my wife to part with (go for it!). We’re located in Northridge.


But What I Really Hate / Is Putting Things Away…

Blah. I’ve had no energy today… correction, I had it this morning, but it was gone by 10:00 AM. I’m feeling less than productive, but I have actually gotten stuff done: about 8 loads of laundry are sitting on the bed folded and waiting for folks to put it away when they get home, and I’ve got about 4 more loads I should be able to push through tonight. But that’s about it: I didn’t get the house decluttering done that I wanted to do. I guess that happens somedays.

I did do some house hunting at Not that many houses in our range. What are our specs, you ask? Simple: (a) Granada Hills, Northridge, or Chatsworth, feeding Granada Hills (1st choice) or Chatsworth High (2nd choice); (b) single-story, over 2500 ft2 on a large lot1; (c) Under $900K preferably, most likely in the $750-900K range; (d) 4 or 5 bedroom, at least 2.5 bathroom; (e) living room, dining room, and den; (f) convenient for a vanpool stop2, and not a shlep to temple3; (g) gas range and laundry. There are secondary specs: (h) two-car garage, minimum; (i) indoor laundry room; (j) convenient to wire from entertainment center to office; (k) large kitchen; (l) hardwood floors; (m) no residue from a smoker. We don’t really care at all about a pool; a spa might be nice, however. We’ll keep looking…

Now, it is off to go figure out dinner. I’m on my own tonight; the rest of the mispocha are off at the TBH Women’s Seder, hopefully having a good time.

1. That is, not a McMansion, lot line to lot line, but something like a 2500 ft2 house on a 10,000 ft2 lot.
2. That would make the boundaries Balboa on the E (due to the school), perhaps as far S as Lassen on the Eastern end, but Devonshire on the Western end, no further W then perhaps DeSoto, and not too far N into the hills.
3. Temple Beth Hillel, Valley Village