Look In The Closet. Junk. Junk. Junk.

Last night and today, it’s been a cleanup day in the cahwyguy household:

  • nsshere has completed cleaning and reorganized her closet, all on her own (!), throwing lots of stuff away, donating other stuff, and setting aside some toys for when her younger cousins come to visit. We got some additional shelving for her, and she even helped assemble it. She has done a beautiful job in there, and I really believe her deciding to do this on her own, with such focus and drive, is yet another sign that she is maturing into a remarkable young woman. I’ll note this is on top of her cleaning her computer desk and her bathroom, again all on her own.
  • gf_guruilla has tackled her desk (and those who have seen it know what a job that is). In one evening (because she was out today), she made a significant dent. We can now even see the top of the desk in places. I’m sure she’ll make even more headway tomorrow.
  • As for me, my job today was to organize the pictures for the photographer to build a photo montage. This involved my going through all 130-or-so of my dad’s photo albums, and sorting them into numerical order, in order to find what we needed. That involved reorganizing the guest bedroom, where they were stored in boxes. I also rearranged the toys nsshere was saving for her cousins in the closet, for when they visit. We also went through all of our photos, and now have a large number of photos to present as a first pass for the photographer. It has been a full day job, filled with lots of memories, discoveries, and re-discoveries.

I hope this trend continues. It’s been quite remarkable. Tomorrow is doing the normal house cleaning.