Cracks in the Mortar

This morning, I woke with a headache at 2:30am. This was one of those “back of the head” headaches, so I did what usually helps: sat under a hot shower. It went a way for abit, so I tried to go back to bed, but that wasn’t working. So back to the shower it was… when I got the idea to actually soak in the hot water itself. That helped a lot… it got it down to a dull roar that I could live with all day. I think it was due to the pressure change over night: we were back to cold winds.

So what does this have to do with the title? Well, a few weeks ago I got fed up with the grout around the tub. It had gotten cracked and yucky over the year, and none of my repair attempts had helped. Further, it appears to have seeped through the wall, causing wall damage on the other side. So we called out The Grout Medic, who replaced the grout with sanded grout. We also discovered that whomever installed the tub hadn’t put green board behind the wall, and hadn’t done the tile lip right. In any case, we got the grout replaced, and had one treatment for hairline cracks. How does that relate to this morning? This morning, I discovered that the new grouts is also cracking. This time we’ll get some sanded grout of our own, and I’ll keep applying it until the cracks stay full.

This house seems to like cracks. We have plaster based drywall, and I’m constantly getting cracks that I’m spackling up. It drives the family crazy how I’m obsessed by the cracks. But one day I’ll get them all.

Hopefully, tonight I’ll get a good night’s sleep, and do better tomorrow.


Nothing to Say, But That’s Never Stopped Me Before

This is inspired by a post by _katiekaboom_, who also had nothing to say.

I’m feeling “blah” today–one of those days where I have a general internal weariness, but nothing specific. I’m also feeling cold, even though my office is the same temperature as usual. This could be related to what passes for winter finally starting to hit LA. I know folks back east will laugh, but we’re getting down to the 40s overnight.

So, I’ve had the urge to do an LJ post. Normally, when this happens, I do observations on the news. But so far, aside from one item I’m posting separately, there isn’t much there. Sure, I could write up something on the real estate market and its cooldown, but then again, it may not be cooling down as much as thought, especially when seasonal adjustments are taken into play. What appears to be happening are that sales are slowing, but prices continuing to rise, albeit at a lower rate. However, prices are dropping in some areas, so this is just too depressing. I could write about interest rates, but the news is just depressing, as I currently have an option ARM, and am trying to time when to re-fi. So… not that much I want to explore in the news.

I could look at the obituaries. After all, one of the creators of the Berenstain Bears just died. Jocelyn Brando, the sister of Marlon Brando, also just died. Pat Morita died a few days ago, but did you know that the Karate Kid will speak at his funeral? Still, it’s too depressing, especially after the recent death of a close family friend over the weekend.

I could do a meme, perhaps. But none of them are that interesting. I see no point in determining what Discworld character I am, since I don’t know Discworld. I could learn what pattern I am, but I would likely end up as polka dots, checks and stripes. I could create my own world map, but I really haven’t travelled all that much outside the US. I could ask people to post a fictional memory of me, but with the way my head has been, I’d likely believe it to be true (or wish it was). I could get a Unitarian Jihad name, but I’m Jewish… and I have no idea what a Changling Kith is.

I could play with icons. After all, there was a post on misc.transport.road that pointed to a cool sign generator and another custom sign generator. But when you have nothing to say, what good are these?

So, I guess I’ll just say nothing.