Cracks in the Mortar

This morning, I woke with a headache at 2:30am. This was one of those “back of the head” headaches, so I did what usually helps: sat under a hot shower. It went a way for abit, so I tried to go back to bed, but that wasn’t working. So back to the shower it was… when I got the idea to actually soak in the hot water itself. That helped a lot… it got it down to a dull roar that I could live with all day. I think it was due to the pressure change over night: we were back to cold winds.

So what does this have to do with the title? Well, a few weeks ago I got fed up with the grout around the tub. It had gotten cracked and yucky over the year, and none of my repair attempts had helped. Further, it appears to have seeped through the wall, causing wall damage on the other side. So we called out The Grout Medic, who replaced the grout with sanded grout. We also discovered that whomever installed the tub hadn’t put green board behind the wall, and hadn’t done the tile lip right. In any case, we got the grout replaced, and had one treatment for hairline cracks. How does that relate to this morning? This morning, I discovered that the new grouts is also cracking. This time we’ll get some sanded grout of our own, and I’ll keep applying it until the cracks stay full.

This house seems to like cracks. We have plaster based drywall, and I’m constantly getting cracks that I’m spackling up. It drives the family crazy how I’m obsessed by the cracks. But one day I’ll get them all.

Hopefully, tonight I’ll get a good night’s sleep, and do better tomorrow.