I Should Stood In Bed

Today’s been a crazy day. I should have just run when I got to the vanpool stop. Why? Guess who got to drive the van into work because there were no other drivers. That’s right…

I get into work… and run into ellipticcurve… at 6:40 AM. She’s not a morning person. Warning #2.

Work was OK, although the day was crazy. We’re finalizing our plans for Thanksgiving, which have us going to go visit friends in the Bay Area and the Sacramento area. However, all day I’ve been plagued with this odd tingle in my left arm. I’m guessing I’ve got a pinched nerve somehow. I move it and… tingle (think of the odd tingle you get when you bump your elbow wrong).

Just before I leave, gf_guruilla calls indicating the S&F has been home all day, due to her tooth hurting. I have to pick up her homework.

Thought I could sleep on the van home. Instead, I end up having a conversation the entire way home with one of the new riders about the state highway system. No rest for the Daniel.

Get home. S&F has a melt-down after spilling Jello on the leather sofa. I clean it up (she’s so distraught I can’t reminder that she needs to eat sitting up, not lying down). Luckily, leather cleans easy. It takes us a while to calm her down. She still hasn’t done all her backed up homework, because she has no energy. I guess we’ll send a note to the teacher. She’ll be going to the dentist Wednesday; we’ve ordered the antibiotics*. Of course, after a day home with S&F, gf_guruilla has cabin fever and wants to go hide herself.

My headache starts to return.

Then my dad calls, with another problem with the printer. He keeps opening up the print queue and trying to delete jobs when they don’t print fast enough for him. I get him to restart the computer, and everything starts printing. He’s happy. I’ll go down there Saturday to see what the real setup is. I think I should bring down SP2; if anyone needs it, he does.

And to top it off, it looks like the meal moths are back!

I shoulda stood in bed!

*: Why antibiotics? She had open heart surgery to fix an ASD at age 4. As a result, she always has antibiotics before dental work… and if she ever gets piercings, before piercings.