Observations on the News: September 22, 2004

Another of my periodic “Observations on the News”:

Albertsons Moves Upscale With Bristol Farms Purchase. The Los Angeles Times (registration required). Sigh. And another one bites the dust. At least we still have Gelsons. We’ve given up on the major markets in Los Angeles: We actually find Ralphs and Vons to be higher priced than Gelsons, and Lucky’s (oops) Albertsons, well, we’ve never liked them. More business for Trader Joes.

Twinkies’ maker files bankruptcy. CNN/Money is reporting that Interstate Bakeries, the makers of  Twinkies, Wonder Bread, and numerous Hostess, Dolly Madison, and bread brands is filing Chapter 11. Guess Atkins did them in. I remember touring a Wonder Bread plant when I was a little boy.

Clandestine Filming Ban Broadened. The Los Angeles Times (registration required) is reporting that the Governator has signed legislation making it a misdemeanor to secretly videotape people in their bedrooms, whether or not they are clothed. Violators face punishment of up to a year in county jail, a $1,000 fine or both.  Now, I agree with the surface intent of this bill, which would relate to the same problems as hidden cameras in bathrooms. But now, think about the effect on “Nanny Cams” that montor child-care workings in a child’s bedroom (not to mention Private Investigators getting the goods on cheating spouses). For all the places the government is placing cameras, individuals can’t monitor their own homes. Yet again, if you think about it, this is an attack on civil liberties, cleverly disguised. Aren’t you glad now you didn’t fly in June

… and I’m not even going to express my disgust at how well our government is protecting our civilians who are working to reconstruct Iraq.  After all, according to our President, our policy in Iraq is a “catastrophic success”. Better to spend our energies considering Cat Stevens to be a threat. Just an odd question to the President: What would prevent the kidnap squads in Iraq from doing the same in America? Not one bomb is required, and knives and swords are easily available.