Old Friends Coming Out of the Woodwork

Last week, I wrote about how an old high school friend popped out of the woodwork and sent me a New Year’s Card (when I knew him, he was Catholic; he has since converted).

Today is also old home week. Today I received email from a long-time colleague and friend, Judy Hemenway, who I worked with on BLACKER (in fact, it was her husband, Jon Fellows, who got me into my current profession). Turns out she’s working on a project up here in LA, and we’ll hopefully be able to get together for lunch one day. I haven’t seen her in about 5 years. For those in the industry, she’s a former formal methodist

Next, I got an email from Marv Schafer. Marv is one of the true greats in the field, a greybeard, who I also haven’t seen in years. Marv now operates an antiquarian bookstore, Books with a Past in Glenwood MD. Hopefully, I can visit him when I’m out that way next month.

I so like blasts from the past!

P.S.: I now have an appointment to see the ENT on my ear infection. Yeah!

P.P.S.: Who can identify the logo in my icon (and I don’t mean the 1964 state highway shield)?