Is A Puzzlement?

userpic=recordMy wife recently picked up an Israeli CD at an estate sale. While importing that CD into my iPod, my thoughts turned to a puzzlement from many years ago, where I had another Israeli CD. That time, no amount of searching could find me the artist name, album name, or track information. I tried again tonight, and still no luck. So I’m asking you. Below are scans of the front cover and back cover (click on the images for the full size versions). Can you help me figure out album artist, album name, and the track names so I can import this into my iPod?

Unknown Album Cover

Unknown Album Back

[ETA- 11/24/14:]

For those in the future finding this message, my step-brother-in-law transliterated the song titles for me:

  1. Ve Begin | Because of (Aramaic)
  2. Raza Dae Shabat | The Sabbath secret (Raza is Aramaic)
  3. Techiyat Ha’Metim | Resurrection
  4. Ha’Mehara | The Cave
  5. Berich Shemayah | Prayed to God
  6. Eilat Eilat | (like the southern city)
  7. Adam Holech | A person walks
  8. Zevagim | (No such word in modern Hebrew, probably Aramaic)
  9. Zakif | (It has a  double meaning : 1) stalagmite 2) a guard)
  10. HIlulah | (In free translation as there is no specific word for it in English)
  11. Asher Barah | (That he has created)
  12. Hineni | (Here I am) (public celebration in memory of a saintly rabbi)

The album’s title is “Sod Ha-Echad” (Secret of the One), and the artist is Adam. It is a product of the Kabbalah Center, and appears to have something to do with the Zohar.