Welcome to 2014

userpic=calendarEveryone seems to be doing end of the year / recap / welcome to the new year posts. I must not succumb to peer pressure.  I must not succumb to peer pressure. I must not succumb to peer pressure. Oh hell.

For us, our years have a remarkable steady state to them. In general, we suffer the same problems year to year (arthritis, migraines). Work stays about the same (I’ve been at the ranch in the same department for over 25 years now). This may sound dull, but that’s OK by us. It permits us to be there when others need us, and that’s a good thing. I have a sense that 2014 may be another year where friends and family will draw from our stability… and that’s just fine. If someone can say about you that you were there when they needed you, then you are doing something right in the world.

I’ll note that the year ended with our daughter demonstrating maturity, which is a great way to end the year. She had gone to a party, had a little to drink, and was starting to feel uncomfortable with the situation. So she called us to come and get her and her car, which we did – no questions asked. Her doing so was demonstrating that what we’ve taught her has sunk in, and I’ll say again what I’ve been saying a lot this year — I’m proud of the awesome young woman my daughter has matured into. I hope 2014 brings her more of what she’s looking for.

Alas, the morning of 2014 seems to be bringing me something I’m not looking for — another headache. Far too many of my light migraines in 2013; this is a trend that I hope breaks in 2014 (although I can be thankful that the debilitating migraines are infrequent — the last was the last day of ACSAC). Perhaps the Excedrin will work; perhaps I’ll need a triptan. If I’m lucky, perhaps this will be the last for while.

What do I wish for in 2014? Primarily, I wish the government gets its act together and decides that it wants to govern responsibly and in the interests of the Nation, as opposed to the interests of the party. Much of the stress of the last few years has occurred because the government can’t figure out how to fund itself for more than a month or two at a time, and the inability to budget and fund on a longer term basis makes tactical and strategic planning impossible — and costs the government more money. The preoccupation with all the short term financing bills also means that the government cannot provide its proper oversight roles in a number of areas both internal (the Agency) and external (financial markets and abuse).

I also wish for the health issues of family and friends to stabilize. I wish my headaches become less frequent and my wife’s arthritis pains lessen and the flares be few and far between. I also wish for stable health situations for our family’s siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, those whom we consider family, and for all our friends. May your health be stable, may you find the healthcare you need affordibly, and may you heal fast. If you are dealing with aging parents or relatives, may the wish above be doubly true.

As for the world, I wish we see a lessening of hate. Hate is consuming our culture: be it the large hatred that drives terrorism and terrorist acts (including school shootings), or the little hatred that we see in the increased bullying and on the comment pages on the Internet. Rodney King famously asked, “Why can’t we all just get along?”, and it is a great question. May 2014 bring increased understanding between people, and the realization that we all don’t need to agree, and that we don’t need to hate those with whom we disagree. May we all learn increased tolerance, and realize that the actions of others often don’t affect us at all (and may all those fighting gay marriage realize that the only thing affecting the relationship between two people are those two people, and that a gay marriage is no threat to your marriage).

Take care, and may 2014 be a great year for you.