Torn Between Two Topics

userpic=calendarFor my last post of the year, I’m torn between two topics:

  • Adaptive Reuse. I’ve seen two posts of late dealing with interesting adaptive reuse: the first having to do with the secret second life of old Pizza Huts, the second having to do with adaptive reuse of gas stations. I even thought about tying this to the story of a women who did adaptive reuse of husbands, climbing the social ladder in St. Louis until — surprise, surprise — she died and donated truckloads of money to foster family organizations (this being a story just ripe for a musical, but it’s too similar to Little Me).
  • How Lucky We Are. I’ve been thinking of late about all the terrorist attacks and bombings in Russia. This thinking generally resolves around the fact of how lucky we are. Think about it: We’re in a country with lots and lots and lots of cuckoos, from tea party folks to conspiracy theorists to dominionists to …. And yet, with all these crazies, we aren’t having a lot of home-grown terrorist attacks and bombings. Sure, we’ve got the occasional shooting, but even these are typically delusional folks with depression, not an organized effort by an internal terrorist organization. For as polarized as America is (and it is very polarized), at least there still seems to be some boundaries that are not crossed.

But I just don’t know which topic I should write about? Perhaps both 🙂

Seriously, to all my readers — you have my wishes for a peaceful and happy new year, or at least one where you are somewhat healthy, and when you’re not, you heal fast. May your year be filled with critical thinking, good friends, better outcomes, less stress, and some modicum of financial security and calmness. Put the stress of 2013 behind you, and let’s all have a good 2014.