Tea Time 2013

userpic=teaBack in April 2012, I placed my last major tea order. At that time, I ordered from three vendors: Stash Tea, Franklin Tea in Franklin TN, and for the first time, Upton Tea in Holliston MA.  I’m just about near the end of that order at work; I’m finishing off four teas (Darjeeling, Rose Conjou, Black Currant, and Pomegranate Green) from San Francisco Herb Co. My tastes have changed a bit — I’m less inclined towards the sweet teas, preferring traditional blacks and black blends. So this year I’m opting to do my order from one vendor – Upton Tea. Here’s what I’m ordering this time:

  • TD06: Orthodox BOP Darjeeling.* The best value in Darjeeling tea. Broken leaf Darjeeling is often overlooked, either because the price is so reasonable or because too much value is placed on a more stylish leaf. This flavorful BOP blend offers a great cup at a very attractive price. $7.40/125g.
  • TD50: No.1 Tippy Orthodox GFOP Darjeeling. An exceptional golden tip Darjeeling blend. We first introduced this tea in 1990 and it continues to be our most popular Darjeeling. $8.80/125g.
  • TA30: Tippy Orthodox GBOP Assam.* A classic, fine broken-leaf Assam with smooth, malty notes and a rich, mellow finish. Takes milk very well. $6.40/125g.
  • TN10: Nilgiri BOP. Located in southern India, Nilgiri produces teas similar to those of Ceylon, yet with a distinctive character. This British style Nilgiri produces a flavorful cup. Excellent with milk. $6.40/125g.
  • TP12: China Keemun. Often called the burgundy of China teas, this North China Congou is rich, flavorful and appropriate for any time of day. We offer this as our basic Keemun, although it is in the middle range of the standard series. $5.40/125g.
  • ZG20: First Grade Gunpowder Green. Superior grade of green tea in the style of gunpowder teas (tightly rolled tea leaves resembling gunpowder pellets). $4.00/125g.
  • ZO78: Tie-Guan-Yin Oolong 2nd Grade. A classic Tie-Guan-Yin, with dark-golden, rolled leaves, producing a flavorful cup with the aroma of sweet raisins complemented with robust earthy tones. The fine flavor lingers on the palate with a toasty, sweet aftertaste. $8.20/125g.
  • TB49: Darjeeling-Ceylon Iced Tea Blend.* Half whole-leaf Darjeeling and half OP Ceylon. A great hot tea as well! The brewing information provided is for making an iced tea concentrate. $5.80/125g.
  • TC05: Ceylon BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe). A choice blend of regional Ceylons. $4.80/125g.
  • TB15: Java Blend. A rich breakfast blend especially suited for those who enjoy a powerful cup in the morning. This also is a great choice for iced tea. Java teas are never expensive, so you get the best produced for a few cents a cup. $3.90/125g.
  • TJ52: Japanese Cherry.* Cherry flavored Japanese green tea (Bancha with twigs). An exotic evening tea and a refreshing change from traditional flavored teas. $6.40/125g.
  • TB01: Organic English Breakfast Blend. A hearty blend of rich CTC Assam and BOP Ceylon teas, yielding a cup with robust flavor and a brisk finish. This is an organic version of a classic, bracing breakfast blend. $7.40/125g.
  • TB05: Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend. For this blend, we paired a hearty Assam with a smooth and flavorful Yunnan, for a cup that is highly enjoyable. The invigorating liquor has a full mouth feel, subtle spicy notes, and a lingering aftertaste. While milk is recommended, it is enjoyable plain. $7.80/125g.
  • TB14: Scottish Breakfast Blend. Blended to appeal to those who favor an eye-opening experience in the morning, this tea yields a cup with a round, full flavor, malty notes, and brisk character. A perfect choice to start the day. $5.60/125g.
  • TB75: Baker Street Afternoon Blend. A bit of Lapsang Souchong is blended with Keemun and Darjeeling, yielding a mildly smoky tea. Perfect for an afternoon uplift. Another special (whole-leaf) blend from our London source of fine teas. $8.40/125g.
  • TE86: Creme Caramel.* Black tea from Sri Lanka with a mild, creamy caramel aroma. Pieces of caramel are added to complement this flavorful blend. Enjoyable on cold days, and throughout the seasons. Back in stock! $7.20/125g.
  • TE45: Black/Green “Midsummer Dream”.* China Black tea harmonizes with green Sencha. Blended with sunflower petals, cactus flowers and flavored with rhubarb. A refreshing tea for any time of day. $5.20/125g.
  • TF21: Blackcurrant. A blackcurrant flavored, whole-leaf black tea decorated with leaves. $7.20/125g.
  • TE26: Black Tea Wild Berry. China black tea with natural blueberry and strawberry flavoring. This tea was produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. $8.80/100g.
  • TC30: Kandy BOP. Good color and strength for a hearty cup. Takes milk very well. $5.20/125g.

Teas shown with * mean that I ordered an additional package for home use. Additionally, my wife wanted the following teas for her:

  • TE94: Mélange de Chamonix. Fine India tea is blended with cocoa, cardamom, and a hint of cinnamon to produce a balanced and warming cup. A delicate treat for any chocolate or tea lover. $8.60/125g.
  • TE21: Monk’s Blend. A Ceylon-based Earl Grey is blended with a fine China green tea and accented with natural Bourbon vanilla. The fruity taste of bergamot complements the hearty green tea, while the hint of vanilla adds a mellow complexity. A delightful tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold. $6.40/125g.
  • TE35: Hearthside Chai Tea. A classic chai tea, blended with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, licorice, and cacao pieces. A creamy taste lends a smoothness and elegance to this selection. $9.80/125g.
  • BH02: Holy Basil Purple Leaf
    . This fine-cut leaf grade of Holy Basil, (aka Tulsi), produces a rich cup with a complex and spicy character. The dominant flavor notes are anise and pepper, with nuances of citrus and cinnamon. $6.80/80g.
  • BF60: Rote Grütze (Red Groats). Dried berries, hibiscus and flavoring yield a red liquor, a bright harmony of tart flavors, and natural vitamin C. Contains no caffeine. $7.80/125g.

We’ll see how long this batch of tea lasts.