It’s Tea Time Again

Back in March 2011, I placed my last big tea order. Guess what? I’m almost out of tea at work. So it’s time for another order, and time for me to share what I ordered:

Franklin Tea

Franklin Tea is this great little tea shop we discovered on a visit to Tennessee in 2007. They have some of the best flavored teas around. From Frankin, for work, I ordered:

  • Caramel Tea. Just a wonderfully smooth caramel flavored black tea. 4 oz @ $1.89/oz.
  • Chocolate Tea. A great distraction from a chocolate craving, a Belgian chocolate craving. 4 oz @ $1.80/oz.
  • Cosmopolitan Blend. A hearty blend of teas from Ceylon, Kenya, India and China. 4 oz @ $2.25/oz
  • Vithanakanda OP1. A smooth Ceylon with extra large and wiry leaf. Fair trade. 4 oz @ $1.98/oz.
  • Keemun. A well-toasted leaf, known as the ” Burgundy” of teas. 4oz @ $1.68/oz.
  • Berry Blend. A delicious blend of deep fruit flavors, enjoyed hot or iced. 4oz @ $1.89/oz.
  • Black Current. … with dried black currants and berry flavor. 4oz @ $2.16/oz.

Additionally, for home, we also ordered more Caramel (4oz), Chocolate (4oz), Berry Blend (4oz), Black Currant (4oz), Chocolate Nut (2oz), Masala Chai (4oz), Spicy Chai (4oz), Paris (2 oz), Peaches and Ginger (2oz), and Decaf. Masala Chai (4oz).

Stash Tea

Stash is a regular source, but they have gotten much pricier. Thus, we have a much smaller order from Stash. My Stash items are:

  • Christmas Morning. Indian Assam imparts a malty and hearty flavor; the Formosa Oolong adds bright, fruity flavor notes; the China Keemun, a hint of smokiness; our first flush Darjeeling, a flowery note; richness from the Yunnan and Nilgiri black teas; and the jasmine green tea imparts a lingering, sweet fragrance. Overall, this breakfast tea is a rich, multi-layered drink that is sure to pick you up in the early morning. Full-bodied and with a lovely aroma, this tea is a new and interesting take on traditional breakfast teas like English and Irish Breakfast. Enjoy it hot or iced, with milk and sugar or plain. 100g @ 9.95 ($2.82/oz).
  • Bed & Breakfast Blend. A full-bodied blend of fine black teas, including Kopili Estate Special Assam, Tiger Hill Estate Nilgiri, and Kenilworth Estate Ceylon. Kopili Assam has the malty, full-bodied flavor of the best Assams and some unique flavor notes due to the garden’s location. Nilgiris are full-bodied Indian teas with light color and aroma. Tiger Hill Nilgiri produces a more robust tea then typical Nilgiris and has a darker liquor color, while still maintaining the fine characteristics of Nilgiri teas from South India. Ceylon tea is grown from sea level to altitudes exceeding 7000 feet. One of the most famous tea gardens in Sri Lanka, Kenilworth Estate, produces Ceylons with long wiry leaves and exquisite flavor. 100g @ $8.25 ($2.34/oz)
  • Feijoa. Our Brazilian Feijoa is a unique, full-bodied tea that blends premium black teas with the wonderful fruity taste of feijoa. Try this intriguing tea unsweetened or with a bit of sugar. It also makes a delicious iced tea. Imagine a combination of guava, pineapple, and strawberry flavors – that’s what feijoa tastes like. 100g @ $8.25 ($2.34/oz)
  • House Blend. A signature blend of rich Assam, exquisite Ceylon, smooth Darjeeling, fruity Oolong, smoky Keemun and fragrant Jasmine. Each tea adds its distinctive flavor notes to this special blend. 100g @ $8.25 ($2.34/oz)
  • Jamaican Butter Rum. A blend of fine Ceylon, Indian and Chinese black teas combined them with natural rum, sweet butterscotch, and creamy caramel flavors for a rich, aromatic and slightly sweet dessert tea. For a special taste treat, enjoy with a splash of milk and some sugar. 100g @ $8.25 ($2.34/oz)
  • Fusion Green/Black. Premium green and black teas make this an enjoyable morning tea. With Matcha. 100g @ $7.50 ($2.13/oz)

Upton Tea

Upton Tea is an online shop out of Mass. that was recommended by the tea group on LJ. From Upton, I ordered:

  • Orthodox TGFOP Darjeeling. Good whole leaf Darjeeling, producing a delicate, flavorful brew. 125g @ $5.80 ($1.32 / oz)
  • Tindharia Estate FTGFOP1 Second Flush (DJ-76) Organic. This selection represents one of the best values we have seen for Darjeeling teas in recent time. The golden-brown cup has a fresh aroma, with hints of rose and fruit. The finish has a subtle hint of mace. By purchasing the entire, rather large lot, we are able to offer this tea at an attractive price. 125g @ $7.80 ($1.77/oz)
  • Chun Mee Organic Fair Trade A very fine grade of a classic China green tea. Sweet and smooth, with surprisingly rich character. Subtle hints of chestnut round out the flavor profile. 125g @ $8.80 ($2/oz)
  • Darjeeling-Ceylon Iced Tea Blend. Half whole-leaf Darjeeling and half OP Ceylon. A great hot tea as well! The brewing information provided is for making an iced tea concentrate. 125g @ $5.40 ($1.23/oz)
  • Organic English Breakfast Blend. A hearty blend of rich CTC Assam and BOP Ceylon teas, yielding a cup with robust flavor and a brisk finish. This is an organic version of a classic, bracing breakfast blend. 125g @ $6.80 ($1.54 / oz)
  • First Grade Gunpowder GreenSuperior grade of green tea in the style of gunpowder teas (tightly rolled tea leaves resembling gunpowder pellets). 125g @ $4.00 ($0.91/oz)
  • Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend. For this blend, we paired a hearty Assam with a smooth and flavorful Yunnan, for a cup that is highly enjoyable. The invigorating liquor has a full mouth feel, subtle spicy notes, and a lingering aftertaste. While milk is recommended, it is enjoyable plain. 125g @ $6.80 ($1.54/oz)

For home, we also ordered 125g packages of Monk’s Blend, Hearthside Chai, Orange Spice Imperial, Melange de Chamonix, and Rote Grutze, as well as a sample of Season’s Pick Vietnam Black.


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