Are You My Type?

userpic=fountain-penThis collection of news chum has to do with typography and words:



2 Replies to “Are You My Type?”

  1. Have fun in Hawai’i. I’d actually suggest more January than August. Among other things, that’s when the humpbacks are in Hawai’ian waters.

    1. We’re not going this year. I have a two-week timeshare at the Whaler in Kaanapali that starts 8/22 and ends 9/2 (or something like that). We haven’t been able to use it for a number of years due to school start dates (so we’ve done interval exchange — we’re about to go down to Escondido for a week). This year we were going to use it, but the fares never dropped below 600 per person round trip, and that just wasn’t in the budget. Perhaps next year.

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