userpic=old-shieldChange. It is all around us, usually in the bottom of the dryer because we forgot to take it out of a pants pocket. Here are three examples of change around us:

  • Change and Death. Social media is changing how we approach death. Recently, an NPR anchor tweeted from the bedside of his dying mother, and people were riveted. Here’s an interesting article on the effects that social media is bringing.
  • Change and the Court. Society has gotten a lot less formal. People used to dress up for flying, for the theatre, and for church. They also used to dress for court dates, and even that’s going down the tube. Here’s how the court in Las Vegas is dealing with it.
  • Change and Politics. Politics has changed. As everyone knows, we’ve become increasingly polarized (to the point where people bully the other side in political discussions). What to do about it? The answer for some folks: Secede. In particular, Northern Colorado would like to secede from the rest of the state. They won’t succeed, but it does demonstrate the growing divide between urban populations and the rural populations. We’ve become two society, who can’t figure out how to live together, and absolutely abhor the leaders of the other side.

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