Something to Chew On: Coffee, Tea, Schmaltz

userpic=teaThis collection of lunchtime news chum articles all have to do with food and drink, so hopefully you can sink your teeth into them:

  • Coffee. A new coffee has come on the market: Death Wish Coffee. According to the LA Times, a 16-ounce shot of Death Wish hits you with roughly 660 milligrams of caffeine (vs 320 mg for a normal cup of Joe). It is also more expensive, on the order of $20/lb. As for me, you won’t see me drinking it; I often say that coffee only belongs in ice cream or covered in dark chocolate.
  • Tea. You see, I’m a tea drinking. In fact, every morning I make almost 2 litres of tea, and drink it over the day. In the pot I put 3-4 tsps of loose tea. So naturally I was worried when I saw this headline: Warning: Excessive Tea Drinking Can Be Hazardous to Your Health. The risk is skeletal fluorosis, and it occurred to a woman who was drinking 1-2 gallons of black tea daily. Of course, this was no ordinary tea. According to the article, “She told doctors that she drank a pitcher of tea every day for the last 17 years. This wasn’t your typical tea — she brewed hers with 100 to 150 tea bags per pitcher.” Wow. That’s strong tea.
  • Schmaltz. Passover starts Monday evening. Traditionally, Passover cooking often uses schmaltz, which is really just rendered chicken fat. Most cultures have something like this: ghee, lard, and so forth. In our health-conscious society, these fats have often been eschewed (gee, I love that word) for “healthier” fats such as olive oil. However, according to NPR, lard and schmaltz are making a comeback.

P.S.: Alas, there will be no Kosher L’Pesach Coke in California this year :-(.

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