Butterfly, How I Love It When You Flutter By

[For those that don’t get the title reference: It refers to a song by the children’s group Parachute Express (real-media-clip)]

Today, we went to go see the Butterfly House in Faust Park. This is a special butterfly enclosure with tropical butterflies, some of them quite exquisite. Lots and lots of butterflies. Flapping pretties. This makes two butterfly houses this trip. We also got to see part of a wedding; they regularly do weddings there.

Lunch was with the H’s, who showed us the new “big box” strip in Chesterfield. Sad. We also saw the construction of lots and lots of row homes in the county, lot line to lot line. Sad to say, these are the advance signs of the demon, ummm, the “Los Angeles”-ification of St. Louis. The Borg are here already: not only is there a Microsoft office in St. Louis, but every mall we have seen has been borg-ified by Westfield.

The afternoon we spent walking the “loop” in University City, along Delmar, doing some shopping. As we were sick of restaurant food, we stopped by Wild Oats in Clayton, picked up heathy food, went to Linda’s house, and cooked dinner. Yay! Healthy food! Yum, yum. Peach chicken (using the last of the peaches from Soulard Market last week), fresh broccoli and carrots, and brown/wild rice, with blueberries and raspberries for dessert.

I’m not sure there will be a post tomorrow: We’re flying back to Los Angeles! We are so looking forward to coming home. St. Louis is a nice place to visit, but… we miss our friends.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this travelogue. I know it will prove useful when we go to assemble the photo albums.