A Legacy of Art

Today, gf_guruilla (GFG) and S&F went to the Eugene Field Doll Museum and the St. Louis Art Museum. I joined them at the end of their trip.

According to GFG and S&F, the Toy Museum was nothing to write home about. Essentially, it was the home of a Eugene Field, the “children’s poet”, and had a few bisque dolls, but nothing too spectacular.

As for the Art Museum: First, the building is spectacular, dating back to the 1904 Worlds Fair. The reports are that the pieces they have are spectactular, especially in the modern art arena, but there aren’t that many from each artist. In other words, there is breadth, not depth. They are also missing some fairly important artists (such as Picasso), although it wasn’t know if they are in the back collection. They evidently do have a good collection of fibre arts. I joined them to see the 1904 art exposition. Again, not much to write home about. For a city of the size of St. Louis, what they have is nice, but for us, we prefer LACMA.

We went to a combo Mongolian BBQ/Asian Buffer for dinner. Quite good.

Tomorrow is our last full day in St. Louis (sob). We’re planning to go out to Chesterfield to the Butterfly House run by the Botanical Society. After that, we’ll get together with the H’s for one last time. Sunday, we return to Los Angeles, where ellipticcurve is picking us up at the airport.