Your Word is Redux

Putnam-County-(REP)userpic=repeastCan you give me a definition?

To bring back, to revisit.

Can you use it in a sentence?

“Bobby, there used to be ducks on the mantle but they’re gone. Shit. Now I’m going to have to redux it.”

Last night we went to the “Parent-Teacher Conference” (i.e., “adults-only”) version of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at REP East. As we were just there on Saturday night, I’m not going to do a full re-review. Rather, I’m just going to give a few additional observations:

  • We were sitting in a different location in the audience, which afforded a good view of the cast on the bleachers. It was quite interesting to watch them and their reactions to the other spellers.
  • The adults-only version wasn’t that risque, or perhaps we’re just not shocked by that much. A few cuss words thrown around, a number of sexual terms given to people to spell, and some mildly adult definitions and introductions. Then again, to go to a more “adult” (skin) version would have been creepy — after all, the spellers are supposed to be in elementary school… and this isn’t Carson.
  • What was more interesting, however, was the reaction of the other students when the sexual terms came out. They were totally confused by the words. Good playing there.
  • I did notice that some of the song references to India were changed to refer to Tom Cruise and Scientology. This created in me the totally odd thought: What if the REP mounted “A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant“. Yes, there is such a musical — I even have the cast album!
  • My wife was particularly enamored of Jason J. Lewis (FB) [Mitch Mahoney]’s vocal performance at this production — he was in particuarly fine form. We also enjoyed meeting and talking to Jason and his lovely wife Annie Ramsey Lewis/FB [Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre] after the show. Jason recommended we look into Glendale Center Theatre (which is near a great used bookstore). We haven’t been there before, but I’ll add them to my Goldstar watch list.

As I’ve noted before, this is a great production — one you should really go see if you can figure out how to get to Santa Clarita. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee continues through February 23 at REP East Playhouse. Tickets are available through the REP Online Box Office, and are usually available on Goldstar.

Upcoming Theatre and Concerts:   This weekend, on February 9, is “Backbeat” at the Ahmanson. February 16 brings “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” at Cabrillo Music Theatre on Saturday, and Run for your Wife” at Canyon Theatre Guild on Sunday. The last weekend of February is The Snake Can” at the Odyssey Theatre (based on an ad that caught Karen’s eye in the latest Footlights). Karen (but not me) will be seeing When You’re In Love The Whole World is Jewish” at the Greenway Court Theatre on Feburary 21. March starts with “I’ll Be Back Before Midnight” at the Colony. After a break for Fogcon (although I may do something here), theatre picks up with “Catch Me If You Can” at Broadway LA/Pantages on March 16 and “Boeing Boeing” at REP East on March 23. March may also bring “End of the Rainbow” at the Ahmanson, most likely on March 30. April will bring the Southern California Renaissance Faire , “Grease” at Cabrillo Music Theatre, and a winetasting at Temple Ahavat Shalom. May is also busy, with two concerts — Elton John in Las Vegas on May 4, and (tentative) Michael Feinstein at VPAC on May 11. May may also bring “Falling for Make Believe” at The Colony Theatre, “To Kill a Mockingbird” at REP East. Lastly, continuing the look ahead, June will bring (tenative) “The Scottsboro Boys” at the Ahmanson Theatre, “Priscilla – Queen of the Desert” at the Pantages, (tentative) Sweet Charity at DOMA, and the Western Corps Connection at the end of the month. I’m also keeping my eyes open as the various theatres start making their 2013 season announcements. Lastly, what few dates we do have open may be filled by productions I see on Goldstar, LA Stage Tix, Plays411, or discussed in the various LA Stage Blogs I read (I particularly recommend Musicals in LA and LA Stage Times).