West Side Story

Yesterday afternoon, my family (together with ellipticcurve, ixixlix, and the Karate Kid) went to see West Side Story at Cabrillo Music Theatre in Thousand Oaks. An excellent production, marred only by my worring about my wife who was fighting a killer headache resulting from one of the boards on the bottom of my daughter’s bunk bed falling off and hitting her head the night before (of course, me being who I am, thought she was mad at me). Back to WSS: they had excellent actors playing Tony and Maria (although I do get annoyed by overtly Christian references in actors’ bios), and the stage design was excellent. There were a few technical glitches—these are normally worked out for our subscription slot, but we moved up a week so we were actually seeing the 3rd performance. In any case, it was well worth the $11/ticket, and we got to expose our daughter to a classic story.

This morning ellipticcurve and I will put together a new bed for my daughter (to get rid of that misbehaving board), and then the ladies (gf_guruilla, Small & Feisty, and ellipticcurve) will go out to hit the last stores in the Quilters Run, while I start getting the packing together for our vacation next week.

Lastly, thanks to ixixlix for an excellent dinner and game of Ticket to Ride last night.

P.S.: A number of folks have pointed me to This Land Is Your Land, a Kerry/Bush parody that is hilarious.

P.P.S.: The music is a song that was cut from West Side Story. The Lost in Boston series from Varese Sarabande Records is a series of CDs where each CD is a collection of songs cut from musicals during tryouts.