My Thoroughly Disgusting Guilty Pleasure

userpic=televisionLast night, I indulged in my weekly guilty pleasure. It’s so bad, I hesitate to mention it because you will make fun of me. But I will anyway. I watched the season finale of … Survivor.

Yup, I”ve been watching Survivor since day 1. It is the only reality TV program I watch regularly. I enjoy it because it really is the best of the bunch: good casting, good editing, and a great setup that balances the survival aspects with the personal and social aspects. The notion of having to eliminate someone and then try to get them to support you creates such interplay.

Yes, some seasons are weaker than others. This season was particularly good, with Lisa Welchel (Blair, from The Facts of Life) being one of the contestants, along with a number of returning players. The ultimate balance was such that you would have been happy if any of the final four had won. I’m already looking forward to Season 26.

So that’s my guilty pleasure. What’s yours?



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