Things That Aren’t Around/Will Not Be Around Anymore, Plus Friday News Chum

userpic=dr-georgeToday’s lunchtime news chum post is mostly about things that either aren’t around anymore, or are going away. But, as it is Friday, there are a few “clearing the links” items at the end….

In other items:

  • Brain Food. I meant to post this with yesterday’s post, but the link was a work. Evidently, eating too much fructose can make it harder to think. According to research by UCLA biology professor Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, binging on soda, candy and sugary snacks for as little as six weeks may reduce brain function. The study, which was conducted on rats, is the first to show that a diet high in fructose slows the brain, which hampers memory and learning. The article fails to note they wanted to conduct the experiment on UCLA students, but they couldn’t find a control group.
  • Junk Food. Things that make you go “huh?”: Pepsi-Cola and Chicken flavored Potato Chips.
  • Thinks You Need to Know. Did you ever wonder why . . . – – – . . . (better known as “SOS”) became an international emergency code? Wonder no more.

And lastly, I wrote about the updated UC logo earlier this week. Well, it has been suspended from use.


8 Replies to “Things That Aren’t Around/Will Not Be Around Anymore, Plus Friday News Chum”

  1. But I’m also old, and all my Ss look like Fs.


    I never listen to music on my phone. I use my iPod – before that, I used my Walkman, and before that I still had cds (and before that, well, you know).

    Not surprised about the fructose. Everything out there, except the ads by Monsanto, tell us that fructose and HFCS, etc, etc, etc, are really bad for us. Yet Monsanto is jolly good friends with everybody, so the crap gets dumped into all of our foods, drinks, and snacks. It’s far more pervasive than even Aspartame ever got. (Don’t get me started on Aspartame)

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