Thinking Healthy

userpic=pastramiI’ve been home sick today with my cold, and so my mind turns to health. Here are a few health-related articles I’ve noted:

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  1. Getting up – even as a child I had trouble getting up from the floor. it’s a pain in the arse these days; I just don’t have the knee strength. I have to have something to steady myself with, or I’m just stuck down there.

    TV – I had a tv in my room growing up and was anorexic …

    by the way, how has your iTunes updating gone? how did you end up there?

  2. I note that Hooters has an entire hotel and casino in Las Vegas, so the failure of an ancillary restaurant at a third-tier (off-strip) Casino sadly doesn’t tell us much – it could have been internal Hooters-Hooters competition just as much as the fact that Hooters really doesn’t bring anything to the table that Vegas didn’t already have.

  3. Minette will be very interested to check these delis out. She’s been trying a gluten-free diet lately in addition to giving up dairy.

  4. Getting Up. Have you ever sat on the floor? How do you get up?

    I am just one person but (for me) I disagree w/ this article. Getting up off the floor is the only mobility problem I have. My hips don’t like that. I am pretty flexible otherwise. I don’t have trouble bending, etc.

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