Transition Planning … Fail

<RANT> For the last month or so, my credit union has been sending me mail about the transition of their eBanking system. The new system went live yesterday. We all had to reregister our accounts; they’ve gone to a new system that not only uses a security image and password, but sends a verification code to your email or cell phone if you are on a non-trusted computer. A pain, but being involved with security, I understand why they are doing it.

However, what I don’t understand is why they didn’t sufficiently test the system before the transition.

Last night, I create my new account, and attempt to set up Quicken to download from the new service. Doesn’t work. It seems Quicken doesn’t yet know how to log into the new service. So I sign into the service to attempt to download into Quicken. There is no option to download Quicken files, only CSV. I contact their support team, and learn they are still working on Quicken download… perhaps the end of the week.

From work at lunch I login to the system. Still no Quicken download.

This evening I attempt to log in. Username, fine. Security picture, fine. It won’t take my password. I attempt to have it reset my password, only to get a system error. Call in… and they are dealing with a server crash.

One rule of transitioning to a new system is that you test it. You then test it again, under load. You bring in a bunch of school children, and let them pound on it to test it. You try it with all applications you think your users will use. When you are done doing this…. you test it again.

I’m getting the impression that the credit union failed to adequately test their system or prepare for the transition. Bad form, folks.