An Icon Passes

An icon of my childhood has died: “Sheriff” John Rovick has died at the age of 93.

Back in the era of children’s television hosts, Sheriff John was one of the most beloved in Los Angeles. His “Lunch Brigade” was a staple for kids like me growing up. We grew up on his songs, his cartoons, his morals, and his ideals… and of course, Farmer John Hot Dogs. We preferred the Birthday Cake Polka (“Put another candle on my birthday cake”) to any other birthday song.

Our motto, after all, was John’s:

Laugh and be happy and the world will laugh with you
When people see you smiling they can’t help smiling too
When you look out the window to a dark and gloomy day
Break out a smile and in a while the gloom will go away
So laugh and be happy with a merry melody
A song will make a hat rack look like a Christmas tree
Get rid of worry in a hurry, chase the blues away
Just laugh and be happy all the live…. long….. day.

Rest in peace, Sheriff John. You taught a generation well.




One Reply to “An Icon Passes”

  1. Thanks for your homage to Sheriff John! He slowly faded out of my life as childhood gave way to more serious stuff like Junior High and girls. I never knew what became of the dear man until now.

    I landed at your blog because lyric fragments (“hat rack look like a Christmas tree”) ran across my mind this morning so, thinking of the good Sheriff, I just had to Google. Wow, he passed away just months ago!

    Thanks for the update… and the memories.


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