Take Me for a Ride in Our Car-Car

Yesterday was the drive back from Berkeley. We took US 101 — and we’re glad we did, because round-about San Miguel, the air conditioning went out  (we were in my wife’s 2002 CRV). We thought it was the belt, but the problem turned out to be the condensor clutch (about $1550, with labor).

This has been an expensive year for my wife’s car:

  1. Condensor A/C Compressor Clutch, $1500
  2. Catalytic Converter, $2060
  3. Tires, $500
  4. Heating elements: Upper radiator hose, Thermostat, Condenser Fan Motor, Cooling Fan Motor, Leaking water pump, $1788

Now, admittedly, the car has almost 175,000 miles on it. However, all these repairs made me curious about how problematic of a car we have. So I pulled out the service records looking for non-wear major problems ($600) [so I’m not considering a major maintenance service a problem] Here’s what I found:

  1. 2006-09, Broken Valve Retainer, Check cylinder head: $1.1K
  2. 2009-10, Head Gasket, $2.3K
  3. 2010, Ball Joint Boots, Motor Mounts, $1.5K
  4. 2010, Control Arm Bushings, $1.1K (these where replaced in the 2007 time frame as well, but didn’t meet the cost threshhold)

So, I guess major failures haven’t been as often as I thought — this is just a bad year as lots of things have failed. Still, it is cheaper than getting a new car!