Travel Notes

Yes, we’re on vacation. A few travel notes:

  • For the drive out, I decided to drive all of Route 210. Everytime I do this, I’m really disappointed with District 8’s signage. Lots of green-out on the signage, and lots of non-standard state shields.
  • On the way out, we had lunch at a classic Cal-Mex restaurant in San Bernardino, Lucy’s Mexican Restaurant on Sierra. Really good Carne Asasa and enchiladas, with great service.
  • Coming into Palm Springs, we stopped at the Palm Springs Visitor Center. This is the former Tramway Gas Station, in the Modern style, and has been wonderfully restored.
  • Last night’s dinner was at Shermans Deli, which was a pretty-good Kosher-style deli. They’ve been around since 1953.
  • Tonight’s dinner was at Elmer’s Restaurant, which is a classic Palm Springs coffee shop. Really good dinner, not that expensive, hot, and fresh.
  • Driving there, we went by the Caliente Tropics. I remember this hotel from the 1960s when it was simply the Tropics, and my family used to stay there.
  • Near where we are staying are the remains of the Orchid Tree Inn. It caught our eye because it is obviously a historic property that has seen better days. Investigating, I learned that it was abandoned and put on the market (and can be purchased for just under 7.5 million). Here’s a detailed presentation on the property. Fascinating. I love history like this.