Houses and Their Problems

Today, I had been hoping to go into the backyard and fix some lighting. You see, we have two outdoor lights that were not working, and a few junction boxes that jut up, but have no lights. Didn’t happen.

I went to the first light, which is an old-style, hard-wired light, using a normal light bulb. The bulb is fused to the socket, which breaks as a try to get it out. Another light like that one has a similar problem. It looks like I’ll have to call an electrician. Opening a junction box reveals a nest of wires, which means my “easy” job of updating lights just became harder. It looks like this will get added to the electrician list, which already includes two external fixtures that don’t have off switches.

Sigh. I always forget that houses are never easy, and that there is always maintenance (especially on ones you just bought). Homeowners selling a house usually defer maintenance in some areas, and never remember all the deferred maintenance areas because they are just used to it. Inspectors never find all the problems. My wife reminds me it was at least 5 years before we resolved all the deferred maintenance issues on our last house.

It’s just really frustrating.