Questions for Mitt

As I was walking back from grabbing my lunch in the cafeteria, Mitt Romney was on the TV there, talking about how he will get rid of Obamacare on Day 1. That made me realize: I know what Mitt Romney is against (pretty much anything Obama), but I don’t know what he favors. For example:

  • Healthcare. I know he is against “Obamacare”, but what would he do to solve the health-care problems it was designed to address? I’ve heard no proposals.
  • Immigration. I know he is against the recent executive order, but what is his solution to the problem?
  • Jobs. I know he believes Obama’s policies do not create jobs, but I haven’t heard specific proposals of what he would do, other than a significant increase in defense spending (that he hasn’t said how he would pay for).

So, for all the various issues, from foreign policy to the economy, from immigration to the environment, what will Mitt do, other than be against what Obama has done? The one time I voted Republican was for John Anderson in 1980, because he detailed specifically what he would do, and I agree with that. Further, with the likelihood of another split congress (a Republican House and a Democratic Senate), what can Mitt get through on legislation, and how would he do it? That’s been Obama’s problem.

So, Mitt supporters. What positive actions would your man take (i.e., other than repealing Obama), and how would he get them through a Democratic senate?