I Hate June!

Well, at least the middle of June, when all sorts of shit happens.

Last June, just before the last day of school, my daughter had a major league asthma attack (landing her in the hospital), I broke my foot (landing me at home for three months)— all on the day our kitchen remodeling started.

Today, I was dissed by our congregation, my wife had a car accident (which might have been setup—luckily, neither she nor my daughter were hurt), and my daughter spilled hot chocolate over herself. It was also the night of the congregational meeting, where the incoming leadership (many of whom were continuing in their positions) stated publically that they outgoing leadership couldn’t work together (before, from what I’m told, giving the outgoing folks awards for service).

Its not just me. ellipticcurve had a horrid day as well, as did some other friends of ours.

Just a sucky day. Hopefully, the “powers that be” have used up the vacuum.