Escape the Traffic — Pimping the Vanpool

Vanpooling has been heavily on my mind of late, which leads to the obvious lunchtime plug: Do you commute from the North San Fernando Valley to El Segundo every day? Want to escape the grind? Join our vanpool! Ask me how!

Seriously, the RIF combined with some other factors has reduced our ridership, and we need new riders. So if you know people that commute from the valley to El Segundo every day, with a work schedule of roughly 7am to 330pm, have them contact me.

I’m highlighting this (of course) because of an article I discovered in my lunchtime reading. INRIX has released their new traffic scorecard, and guess what the #1 most congested stretch of freeway is?

“Los Angeles: A 13-mile stretch of the San Diego Fwy/I-405 NB from I-105/Imperial Hwy interchange through the Getty Center Dr. exit that takes 33 minutes on average, with 20 minutes of delay.”

I drive the van on that stretch every day on our way home. We have our tricks, but from Santa Monica northbound, it is a long.  Of course, we can’t forget the #7 item:

” Los Angeles: An eight-mile stretch of I-405 SB (San Diego Fwy) from Nordhoff St. to Mulholland Dr. that takes 22 minutes on average, with 14 minutes of delay.”

We drive that every morning, although the van can use the carpool lane. So if you want to avoid having to drive those stretches, come join our van and sleep instead (or listen to scintillating podcasts). You can contact me for information.

Curious about where else is congested? #2 is in NYC (a 16-mile stretch of the Long Island Expy/I-495 EB from the Maurice Ave. exit to Minneola Ave./Willis Ave. exit); #3 is in LA (a 15-mile stretch of the Santa Monica Fwy/I-10 EB from CA-1/Lincoln Blvd. exit to Alameda St.); #4 is in NYC (an intense three-mile stretch of I-678 NB (Van Wyck Expy) from Belt Pkwy to Main St.), and #5 is in LA (a 17.5-mile stretch of I-5 SB (Santa Ana/Golden St Fwys) from E. Caesar Chavez Ave to Valley View Ave.). Pittsburgh has one entry at #9, and San Francisco as one at #10 (CA-4 EB (California Delta Hwy) from Bailey Rd to Somersville Rd.). Overall, the worst traffic cities are Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Bridgeport.

Of course, I do have other traffic/automated related stuff for you. For example, did you know that Ford Corporation mortgaged their iconic blue oval logo during their recent bankrupcy? They did, and they just won it back. Prefer riding your bike? Here are 25 awesome and unusual bike racks. Prefer public transportation? How about a map of bus and streetcar lines in Los Angeles… from 1934!