A Positive Experience

For the last few days, I’ve had an odd sore throat. Negligible hoarseness, but a little pain when swallowing, especially after a sneeze or yawn. However, getting to the doctor is a problem: I’m the only driver on the vanpool next week (meaning if I’m not on, the van doesn’t run and all the regular riders are inconvenienced, plus it raises the costs for all). So I decided to try a local Minute Clinic at the CVS in Reseda. I must say, I came away impressed.

When you need to check something medically on the weekend, it is usually a pain. ERs weren’t designed for that purpose–they take forever and cost lots and lots. The few times I’ve tried the local urgent care, I wasn’t impressed. The Minute Clinic was clean, there was no line, and they had a nice automated check in. From the time we arrived to the time we left was under an hour. They did a strep test — no strep, so it is likely a virus. It should go away in a week; if not, I’ll work in a visit to the doctor on Friday when I was going to be off the van anyway.

I also must comment on this CVS. When Walgreens stopped accepting ExpressScript, we had to switch to the CVS across the street (this is the Northridge CVS at Reseda and Devonshire). The store is old and crowded, and their pharmacy is backed up. Prescriptions are not ready when promised, and it takes forever for them to call the doctor. The CVS we were at today (Tampa and Victory), in contrast, was clean. The pharmacy was prompt. I left with a positive impression. It really showed the difference that different stores–even in the same chain–can give.

Music: Elton John (Elton John): Your Song