In Which A Decision Is Confirmed…

Looks like I’m going to have to make a Cal (UC Berkeley) userpic.

Yup. Today we did our whirlwind visit of Berkeley. Left Northridge around 3am, going up US 101 because I-5 was closed due to snow. Arrived at Berkeley around 11am. A friend of Karen’s from HS Science Camp days, Professor Alex Filippenko of the Astronomy Dept (who’s brother also works at the Ranch) arranged for Bianna Mullen to give us a tour of campus. We walked around campus. We saw wonderful buildings, learned about even more wonderful programs, saw students covered in paint (it was evidently some Hindu holiday where you throw paint at each other) and saw dormitories. More importantly, Erin fell in love with the campus and its programs, even more so than she did with Reed. So I’m going to be a Cal Dad, and she’s going to Berkeley!

We left campus around 3pm, had dinner in Santa Nella, and arrived home around 10am via I-5, which showed no trace of snow.



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