Three Twos

As you know, when I post my lunchtime news chum, I like to do things in threes. I thought I had no such luck, but then I realized I had three groupatwos:

Music: Hotcakes (Carly Simon): Older Sister


2 Replies to “Three Twos”

  1. Thin and char-broiled into leather Not good! Burger King needs to thicken up thier burgers to what Mom make at a picnic Thick, Juicy, and cooked over the open flame. Then put a real slice of onin on mine not a ring or two. Forget the chopped lettuce, it falls out all over the place, put a whole piece of lettuce on the burger. A Burger King burger should look like it is 50% beef and 50% veggies, if you get all the toppings. Also potatoe’s are cheap, 10lbs. for about $3.00. Why do you get 10 french fies in a small fry that cost over a dollar. Forget the smal medium fries. Just serve fries, A big scoop of fries, skin or skinless. Again America asks, “WHERES THE BEEF”!

    1. I’m letting this through because it is on topic. Perhaps the poor quality of the burgers is why Burger King is revamping their menu (especially given the very inconsistent quality of their franchisees). Of course, if you want a decent fast-food burger, you go to In-N-Out, Five Guys, Steak and Shake, or The Habit.

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