Hurting the Schools

Here in California our schools have been hit very hard by budget cuts. In many ways, I’m glad my daughter is out of LAUSD this year, but we still don’t know on where she’s been accepted yet — if UC, I’m still worried. I’ve written previously about how it is cheaper to go to Harvard or Yale than to go to Cal State. Today there were three more articles that focused more on how LAUSD and community colleges are dealing with the cuts:

  • LA Unified is talking about getting rid of adult school entirely. This will affect the people who need education the most, and need skills to get into the job market and get jobs.
  • LA Unified could axe the academic decathalon program. This is a program that brings good academic prestige to the city. We have schools that are in the top of the nation. So what do they want to do? Kill something that encourages academic prowess. We should campaign to cut high school football instead.
  • The college farm at Pierce Community College may be axed. Founded in 1947 when the campus opened as the Clarence W. Pierce School of Agriculture, the farm is the cornerstone of a rigorous program that prepares students for transfer directly to graduate veterinary schools, — one of the few such programs in the country. So what do we do? We cut it.

These cuts are having a disastrous effect on the future of our state. We need to figure out a way to fund education  that works.



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