Friday Cleanin’ Out The Links: Financial News, Food News, Robocalls, and Theatre Notes

Well, it’s Friday, and you know what that means: Time to clear out the links over lunch…

P.S.: Something for me to look into: A local small production of Spring Awakening, at the Arena for the Arts stage in Hollywood, which is where we saw Gypsy. Everyone seems to be doing Spring Awakening these days: even Simi Valley Repertory is doing it (October 2012). I also need to look into the next Pasadena Playhouse production: Heiress“, which will star Richard Chamberlain, Heather Tom, and Julia Duffy. This was recently broadcast on LA Theatre Works, and I enjoyed the story. The trick is finding time for these shows during this busy Spring: there are already numerous shows (such as this, this or that) that I just can’t seem to work in.

Music: Pachebel Canon and other Baroque Music: Rondeau From Sinfonies de Fanfares