A Short Note Regarding the Birthday Song Poll

Item the First. If you are reading this on any site other than cahighways.org, livejournal.com, or Facebook, you are not reading the original post. It appears some miscreant is grabbing any birthday related post and posting them under his name at birthdayday.net. Other bloggers have dealt with this fellow; he tangled with a bankruptcy attorney in VA who got another of this clown’s sites taken down. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to go with the DCMA takedown route, but I did want to alert folks that I only blog on cahighways.org, and mirror that to Livejournal and Facebook. If you see my posts anywhere else, please let me know.

Item the Second. So far, I’ve had no one respond to the Birthday Song post, either on cahighways.org, Livejournal, or Facebook. I find it hard to believe that everyone wants the Birthday Cake Polka (although Sheriff John could be trending), so please: read the post and comment with the song that you want, and where you want it. You can also directly comment on the Birthday Song Page.