The 8th Annual Birthday Poll

[Facebook Users: Read This Post. This is how you pick your birthday song!]

OK, Folks, it’s February 1. That means its time for the Birthday Poll. But things are changing. Fewer folks are reading and participating on Livejournal, and I’ve moved the blog to WordPress (and birthday posts don’t go as well there). Plus, there are all the folks on Facebook.

So here’s what I’m going to do: If you are active on Livejournal, you’ll get a song on Livejournal. If you are active on Facebook, you’ll get a song on Facebook. You’ll only get a song if Facebook or Livejournal remind me of your birthday, so at least have the month and day visible in the profile. I don’t care about the year. Further… you’re going to get the “Birthday Cake Polka” unless you respond to this post or the Birthday Song Page with your song preference. This blog is set up so you can sign in with your Livejournal or Facebook IDs. Note: For this post, I would really prefer if you comment on the WordPress original, although I’ll accept comments posted elsewhere.

Here’s the song list. Feel free to suggest additional songs; they will be added to the Birthday Song page. One song got deleted this year because the page with the lyrics disappeared; there is a new song in “Happy Birthday, Erwin”:

Music: Infidels (Bob Dylan): Jokerman

Remember: Please comment on the WordPress post or the Birthday Song page .


6 Replies to “The 8th Annual Birthday Poll”

    1. In general, I keep track of birthdays either on Facebook or Livejournal; I forget if you are on either of those services. For those elsewhere, birthday greetings are kind-of awkward — do they belong in my WordPress blog? In the other person’s blog (if they have one)? Still, if you aren’t on either LJ or FB, and you want a greeting, I guess you could tell me the month/day and where you want the greeting. I guess I could try other venues as well (DW, MS, perhaps even Twitter).

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