Cleaning Fountain Pens

Well, not having much else better to do this morning (well, I do have better to do, but the desire not to aggrivate my back is keeping me from doing it), I decided to clean all my fountain pens. So, I figured I’d count them as well. Let’s see (doing his best Count impression from Sesame Street): 1, 2, 3…. 30 Schaeffers, 15 Parkers, 3 Mont Blancs, 2 Rotrings, 2 Watermans, 8 unidentifiable manufacturer or hand-made, 1 Esterbrook, 1 Arnold, and 7 Rapidographs (although I also have some Rapidographs sets buried in the closet).

Doing some more investigation:

2 Parker 75s
1 Parker Vacumatic
1 Parker 51
2 Parker 45s
2 Parker Vectors
and 4 types I haven’t been able to figure out yet.

18 Schaffer Deluxe (Cartridge)
2 Schaeffer Viewpoints
4 Schaeffer Calligraphy Pens
2 Schaeffer Imperials
4 Schaeffer Touchdowns
1 Schaeffer Deskset Fountain Pen

Mont Blanc
2 Mont Blanc Slimline
1 Mont Blanc 234½

2 Rotrings (model unknown)
2 Watermans, one fancy, one all plastic
2 Mutschler (A&W)
3 Hardwood Handmade pens
1 Glass pen, from Dickens Faire
1 Unknown

2 Faux Mont Blancs (one Daytimer, one unknown). Nibs both say “Iridium Point”. One says “Minka”.

Mucho Rapidograph, some old

(My wife also has 2 Cross fountain pens, and 1 Mont Blanc slimline)

Yup, I think I’ve got a pen collection!