Consider Yourself At Home, Consider Yourself One Of The Family

C’mon, you’ve got a Faigin doing an entry about Dickens Faire. I have to use a line from Oliver!. It’s in the contract!

Seriously, we spent yesterday at Dickens Faire. Finally got to meet a bunch of folks whom heretofore I’ve only met on-line, plus to spend some time with someone whom I haven’t seen in two years. Who, you ask. Note that I’m doing this from memory, so I might forget some: ailurodragon, barelyproper, dancingguy, mertuil, terpsichoros, phantomdancer, whalejudge, Shirleigh B. (of the Irish Dance troup and Caltrans), Sean O., plus some more whom I’m sure I forgot. It was nice to put faces with the names.

Shopping? Did we go shopping? I got myself (well, gf_guruilla got me for Chanukah) a nice glass pen set with four bottles of ink. gf_guruilla got herself a nice journal, and I think some truffles. S&F got a dagger necklace. ellipticcurve got herself a bunch of pretties, but it is for her to describe, not me.

My impressions of the event? Note that this was my first time at Dickens. I liked it quite a bit, but found myself wishing it was bigger, especially for what they charge for admission. So it was good, but it could have just been, in the words of young Oliver, “More…”. Although I’m not a dancer, the dancers at Fezzi’s were great! As for the shops: it seemed like a lot of the same folks you see at RenFaire in Devore (the only one I know). There were a few memorable ones (I hope someone takes and posts a picture of barelyproper in the window). We didn’t get the chance to watch the non-dancing shows, and I never did run into my cousin or his minyons.

Dinner was OK. First, we drove through San Francisco (isn’t that de rigour) to show it off to S&F, who knew it only from Full House and Charmed. After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we hit a place called Raintree in the shopping center off the frontage road in Mill Valley. *** out of *****.

Sunday morning, we’re taking our hosts out to breakfast in Davis (I think the place is called Bernardo’s, but I could be wrong), and then it is back on the road (Route 99, to be specific) back to Los Angeles and home.

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