Well, we’re home… for now

We’re home again, basking in the glow of a delightful Basque dinner at Benjies. On top of the standard setup (french bread, salsa, vegetable soup, salad, marinated tomatoes, beans, pickled tongue), we split roast lamb and tri-tip…topped off with a creme brule for dessert. No real traffic to speak of until we hit Route 14. We were home by around 8:40 PM.

The day started with a delightful breakfast at Cafe Bernardos in Davis. In addition to ellipticcurve‘s sister, brother-in-law, and brother-in-law’s brother, satyrlovesong was able to join us. We had wonderful conversations and great food, and then we headed out to Route 99. Stopped for gas in Manteca (or was it Madera), and then (around 2:45 PM) hit the outlet malls in Tulare. Shopped for about an hour, and then headed off to Bakersfield and Basque food (see above).

All in all, this was a great trip, allowing us to meet a bunch of great people. The following is a photo taken Friday at the lunch:

First Row: jumbach, ellipticcurve, and Joel “Highwayman” W.
Second Row: klellingson, his wife and two children, Small & Feisty, gf_guruilla, and cahwyguy (me)
Back Row: Scott “Kurumi” O., barelyproper

Tomorrow is a vacation day to catch up on everything. Our next trip will be to Tucson AZ for ACSAC… on Saturday!