Drive By Posting: Some Quick Political Thoughts

Interesting: Pollsters are calling for Obama to drop out of the campaign, and for the Democrats to draft Hilary instead. The pollsters believe if President Obama were to withdraw he would put great pressure on the Republicans to come to the table and negotiate — especially if the president singularly focused in the way we have suggested on the economy, job creation, and debt and deficit reduction. Further, they note that Clinton would stand a better chance at winning in 2012 because she enjoys her best-ever approval rating and is favored over Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in a Time magazine poll. ETA: Here’s the actual opinion piece from the pollsters.

ETA: Lest you think voting Republican is an option… I normally don’t tend to agree with Michael Medved, even though I went to school with his brother and they lived just up the street. However, in this opinion piece in USA Today, Michael Medved does make one correct point: Most non-Orthodox Jews are more turned off by politicians who state they put Christianity first, or that the US is a clearly Christian nation, they they are turned on by a politician who publically states support for Israel. That’s certainly true for me. All the Republican candidates out there who are fighting to be the most Christian truly scare me. I know the US will stand by Israel, because they are a reliable democracy in the Middle East. I don’t trust the strong Christian politicians to share my values, and let me live by my values, because their track record shows they want to impose their values upon me. [… and a note to my more Christian friends: this doesn’t mean I have anything against Christianity. I feel that everyone should have the ability to practice their religion, free from the interference of government imposing particular religious values.]