Truly Lunchtime News Chum… and Amusing Headlines

As is my tradition, here’s some lunch time news chum… this time about food! After that, a couple of headlines I found odd to read.

  • The Red Stuff. It appears that just as the French have exerted control over their language, France is restricting use of ketchup in the country. Specifically, the French government has banned school and college cafeterias nationwide from offering the iconic American tomato-based condiment with any food but — of all things — French fries. Moreover, French fries can be offered only once a week, usually with “steak haché,” or burger. (Of course, this is fine with me, as I cannot stand ketchup).
  • Exiled Beasties. When Cuba nationalized rum production ages ago, Bacardi was smart. They got their yeast out of the country, and destroyed any that was in Cuba. It’s actually a fascinating read, especially if you want to know how rum is made.
  • Breaking the Mold. An interesting article on affinage, the fine art of making ripened cheese. Much as I love cheese, I fear this is moving into the realm of the wine experts who pontificate over changes no one else can taste (I have similar thoughts about sound quality snobs).

And now, some headlines seen in the papers:

Effects of DES Exposure Follow Women for Decades. I know the algorithm is broken, but why does it just affect women and last so long. I know I generally feel safer if I can use AES.

Brown rejects bill allowing unions of home child-care providers. I know they are delaying fighting Prop 8, so we won’t have same sex unions, but Brown’s action seems ridiculous. I mean, if both parents work from home, this means they can’t be married.

ETA: Jackson death investigator grilled by defense. I wonder if this made him palatable for the ex-model who cooked and ate her husband’s body parts?

See, not only can I bring it to three headlines, I can bring it back to food!