And We’re Back

Yesterday was our last travel day—now we’re home from the college visit trip.

We started out by attempting to visit the Gateway Arch. I say “attempted” because of a combination of circumstances (closure of one entrance combined with Marine Week St. Louis) meant the line to get through security was crazy. So instead we just walked around the riverfront (which was a bit flooded up to the first street), and had lunch over in Laclede’s Landing.

After that, we meandered back to Forest Park for one last drive. We drove up Market along a long series of beautiful downtown parks (St. Louis is really a park city), past St. Louis Union Station, past Harris-Stowe State University and St. Louis University, through the Central West End of St. Louis, and through Forest Park. One last drive through Wash U., and it was on to the airport. A short hop to Denver, and then a slightly longer hop to Los Angeles, and we were home.

On the whole, it was a good trip. The college visits were informative, and we got to see a lot of interesting sites. My wife will be doing another college visit trip to Portland in August, but she doesn’t write the travellogues as I do.