Surprise! Surprise!

We just got tickets for “Dangerous Beauty” from the Pasadena Playhouse! I thought we wouldn’t be seeing tickets from them. Quoting from their letter:

“As a subscriber to the Playhouse, we have been working hard to repay our obligation to you and your patience over the last few months has been greatly appreciated. You were entitled to see six plays and by now have seen three of them: Camelot, FDR, and Uptown/Downtown. True to our word, we plan to fulfill our obligation to you. Dangerous Beauty will be your fourth show, and you will soon hear about our great production plans for the spring and summer.

For those of you who donated back some or all of your plays, we have decided as a way of thanking you for your support that we will offer you as well, the remaining plays in the current season as our guests. Our business plan allows for this and it is imperative that we continue regaining your trust and confidence, as we will need your help soon. This spring we will initiate a renewal subscription campaign for a season that will begin in September of 2011.”

This is quite interesting. Their summer musical sounds interesting. Will we renew? Surprisingly, our subscription plate is getting full, so it will really depend on prices and shows. We will certainly be watching.